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Abenaa Biography

B (NKUNIM Entertainment) B
  In a time where music has lost its focus on meaning something, Abenaa will be the first to tell you that her songwriting is not a "calculated" process but something that flows out of her. While emerging from the shadow of being the writer of Top 10 Grammy nominated and international hit songs for Vanessa Williams and Kim Stockwood, there is no mistake that Abenaa's debut release, Tuesday's Child, takes her music to a whole new insightful level. Unlike many artists today who try to jump on the latest trends, her "trendless and ageless" musical "stories" capture the heart of her vision of life. "Lyrics are the focal point of the song." It's what allows you to get to know the "real" artist. While many artists write songs about how others should wake up and focus on their problems, Abenaa's songs are just the opposite. "My songs educate me about where my life is at the moment." Her songs share the insights of her life, where she's come from, and the developing paths to where she is going. How refreshing - an artist who puts her cards on the table. Examples of her self-examination can be found throughout her new release in songs like Simple Life, which talks about her easily identifiable desire to have a life that is non-stressful and uncomplicated in all areas including love. Rain continues Abenaa's quest of communicating her belief that whether or not things seem to make sense, there is a divine order that unfolds if we let it happen. In Ride, she projects the sincere commentary that regardless of what everyone is saying to you, inevitably you have to make your own decisions. The completion of her theme is found in Journey, which focuses on "what is life about?" Simply to answer, "life is who you are, not what others around you perceive it to be." Tuesday's Child provides you with a very unique insight into a new artist, her life and innermost thoughts. An artist who is not afraid to look in the mirror, examine herself and share with you the things you cannot see.  


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