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    About the Creator of R&B Krazy!

Hello, my brothas & sistas! Thank you very much for visiting my website. Here I'll put a little bit of information about myself for those of you who are interested in me.

Personal Data
  Name:     Teo (pronounced <tee-oh>)
  Zodiac Sign:     Aries
  Personality     <Self-evaluation> I'm pretty frank and down-to-earth. I always call a spade a spade. Some people think that I'm a bit too honest (I can't help it), and others like my "directness". I hate fakers, so if you want to become friends with me, never be or act pretentious. I'm also known as a perfectionist. I want everything to be perfect, which actually makes my life harder than it's supposed to be. I think that my perfectionism probably shows in my web design as well. Some other words to describe myself include open-minded, sociable, hard-working, meticulous, creative, ambitious, etc. I'm also a very romantic person. Well..., I just want and try to be a very unique indivisual, I guess.
  Education:     The City University of New York (Queens College)
  Occupation:     Entrepreneur, Website Designer, etc.
  Hometown(s):     Vancouver, Tokyo & New York City (I grew up in Tokyo and New York City, moved to Vancouver in 2002.)
  Religion:     None (Agnostic)
  Favorite Places:     New York City, Vancouver
  Favorite Colors:     Black, Gold, Silver
  Favorite Radio Station:     WBLS (New York City)
  Precious Things:     My family & friends (They mean everything to me.) *I like nice people (friendly, warm-hearted, and honest people), regardless of their age, color, nationality, religion, or social status.
  Heroes:     <1> My Grandma (, who passed away in 2000) <2> Stevie Wonder <3> Issey Miyake
  Health:     I'm non-smoking. I never drink. I excercise on a daily basis.
  Dislikes:     <1> Ignorant/selfish people <2> Guns and illegal drugs <3> Wars


    Computer programming, surfing the Internet, traveling abroad, outdoors, Calvin Klein, collecting wrist-watches, dogs (pugs), African-American art, eating out with friends, dancing & parties, playing the piano (I've been playing since I was 3 years old. I'm a classically-trained piano player myself.), foreign languages, Thai cuisine, etc.
  Goals/Dreams:     <1> Starting my own entertainment & muti-media company (including record label, music production, website design, etc.) in New York City & Vancouver <2> Making a big R&B hit song and performing it on "Soul Train" <3> Becoming famous as a website designer. (*If you'd like me to design & create your website, contact me for more information.)
My Favorite Musicians as of May 2003
  Male Artists:     Glenn Lewis, Tevin Campbell, Jon B., Kenny Lattimore, Donell Jones, Rahsaan Patterson, Montell Jordan, Tommy Sims, Maxwell, El DeBarge, Barry White, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, James Ingram, etc.
  Female Artists:     Deborah Cox, Davina, Kelly Price, Yolanda Adams, Amel Larrieux, Pru, Heather Headley, Chaka Khan, etc.
  Groups/Bands:     Mint Condition, Public Announcement, Jaze, DeBarge, etc.


  Latest News   I'm visiting Paris, France in spring 2004. Right now I'm studying the French language very hard.


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How to Contact Me
  If you would like to know more about me or talk with me online, join Yahoo! Groups/Club R&B Krazy!, where I hang out all the time. If you are a record company representative and you'd like me to feature your artists on R&B Krazy!, e-mail me at .      
  *Yahoo! Groups/Club R&B Krazy! Member ID: randbkrazy, uncleteo    


Created: July 22, 2000 / Added: August 1, 2000 / Last Update: June 13, 2003

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