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  R&B Krazy! Exclusive Interview with Montell Jordan  
  December 17, 2001 (2:05 p.m.EST ~)  
  Part 2  
  "I get stage fright..." (Montell Jordan)  
  Teo: Let's talk more about your new album. The title is "Montell Jordan - R U With Me," right?    
  Montell: It's no longer gonna be called R U With Me. It's self-entitled "Montell Jordan."    
  Teo: OK. When does it drop?    
  Montell: February 5, 2002, right before Valentine's Day, Teo.    
  Teo: That's perfect! Who worked with you on this album? I heard that there is a song that you recorded with Case.    
  Montell: Yes. It's called "Coulda Woulda Shoulda," me and Case. I worked with WC from West Side Connect. Do you know WC? He is a guy that the West Side Connection was with Ice Cube, Mack 10    
  Teo: Oh, yes...    
  Montell: I did a song with WC. And I did a song with the pastor of my church in Atlanta, Bishop Eddie Long. And other than that, I didn't work with anybody else on the album. All new people, new producers.    
  Teo: My next question. Do you like singing with other people or you prefer singing by yourself?    
  Montell: I like to sing with other people.    
  Teo: With other people...?    
  Montell: Yes, sir. I enjoy...I always wanted to be in a group when I was a kid because of the music I used to listen to, but I couldn't find people that were serious as I was, so I had to go solo, man. You gotta, like Michael Jackson, you gotta cut the rest of them that can't clown loose, you know...    
  Teo: Yeah?!    
  Montell: I'm joking! I like The Jacksons, too. They're talented.    
  Teo: What was working with Case like?    
  Montell: Hey, he's my buddy, man. He's my label mate.    
  Teo: Are you very close to other Def Jam/Def Soul artists?    
  Montell: Yes, I am. I'm close to Christina Millian. She's pretty. She's a pretty girl, a good writer, too. I'm close to Case. Ja Rule's my friend. And, uh...I talk to L.L.Cool J. I talk to Run D.M.C., Redman...Me and Method Man both have a kid. His son's about the same age of my daughter. They are a month apart...close label ties!    
  Teo: Yeah...That's cool!    
  Montell: And Slick Rick, too. He's one of my inspirations, too. And Kelly Price. She's my sister!    
  Teo: Kelly Price, of course! Where did you record your new album? How long did it take you to put it together?    
  Montell: Over a year. I put it in Atlanta, GA.    
  Teo: Atlanta...    
  Montell: Yes. In my own studio.    
  Teo: Oh, you have a studio there?    
  Montell: Uh-huh. It's called 6-8 Studio. (*1)    
  Teo: Is there a particular message behind your music on your new album, or anything you're trying to leave the people with?    
  Montell: Yes! I want everybody to know who Montell Jordan is for the first time!    
  Teo: For the first time!?    
  Montell: For the first time, just like meeting this album is like meeting me for the very first time.    
  Teo: I read it in your bio that your new album reflects the Real Montell Jordan. How would you describe yourself as a person, I mean, what's the Real Montell Jordan like?    
  Montell: The Real Montell is changing, changing constantly and dealing with that change. He is confronting with himself right now.    
  Teo: You keep changing!?    
  Montell: Yes.    
  Teo: What's something about you that you'd like your fans to know that they might not know?    
  Montell: Something they might not know?    
  Teo: Yeah.    
  Montell: Uhmmm...uh...    
  Teo: This may be a tough question...    
  Montell: Oh, no...there is a lot of stuff, you know, it's just that you wanna give them something that means something. Uhmmm...something about Montell they might not know? Ahh, I get stage fright before I go on perform!    
  Teo: You do?    
  Montell: Yeah. I throw up!    
  Teo: No kidding!    
  Montell: No kidding. But after I get on stage, I'm a lot better.    
  Teo: Really? You feel more relaxed.    
  Montell: Yeah. Absolutely! After I throw up, I always feel better! Are you gonna tell everybody that, Teo?    
  Teo: Yes, of course!    
  Montell: OK.    
  Teo: I'm gonna put this up on my website.    
  Montell: I saw your website, too, man. Great job! (*2)    
  Teo: Oh, thank you very much!    
  Montell: Yeah, yeah, it's hot, man! It's a really really nice site.    
  Teo: Yeah? Thank you very much. What about touring? Are you going to be touring soon? Where can people see you?    
  Montell: Starting mid-January.    
  Teo: Mid-January?    
  Montell: Yes, sir. I wanna tour all year if I can.    
  Teo: Are there any other projects you want to mention you have coming up?    
  Montell: I did songs with Christina Millian on her up-coming album. And, uh...    
  Teo: Did you write or produce her songs?    
  Montell: I did two songs with her. They're called...uh...I wrote and produced. One song is called "It Hurts When" and one is called "Twitch."    
  Teo: What's next for Montell Jordan?    
  Montell: Next for Montell Jordan is, uh..., writing and producing for some new artists coming out of Atlanta, GA. I'll introduce them, the whole new artists to the industry. I'll take over the industry.    
  Teo: Wow! And, of course, you're gonna start working on your next album, right?    
  Montell: I'm going to. Yeah! I wanna start working on it probably next summer.    
  Teo: Next summer?    
  Montell: Yeah. Be ready to release another one in 2003.    
  Teo: Are you planning to tour in Japan in the near future? (*4)    
  Montell: I've got to!    
  Teo: Have you been to Japan before?    
  Montell: Yes, sir. I've been to Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki...I love Roppongi, ha, ha, ha!    
  Teo: Roppongi?!    
  Montell: (laughter)    
  Teo: When was the last time you were in Japan?    
  Montell: I was there in Japan...uh...I was in Japan like a year ago, when we went to some military bases out there. (*5) We went to Okinawa (*6), South Korea. I did 3 or 4 shows in Japan just last year. I did like 9 shows over in South Korea.    
  Teo: You've been to all over the world. You even went to Cuba, right?    
  Montell: Yeah.    
  Teo: I like that song..., the Spanish version of...uh...    
  Montell: "Once Upon A Time"    
  Teo: Yeah. Was it very difficult for you to sing in Spanish?    
  Montell: Yes, Teo. Yes, it was very hard.    
  Teo: But you sound great in that song!    
  Montell: Thank you. Thank you very much.    
  Teo: OK. Now...uh...    
  Montell: Teo, that was one of those longevity things that you do..., like when you asked me, "how do you stay around for 5 albums?" That's one of the things that you have to do, to try to stay around for that long. It's really creative, you know.    
  Teo: Yeah.    
  Montell: Stretch your boundary. Stretch your limit.    
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    Copyright 2001 Teo. All Rights Reserved.    
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(*1) 6-8 = 6 feet 8 inches / Montell's height
(*2) your website = R&B Krazy!
(*3) Roppongi = One of the commercial districts in Tokyo, Japan, where there are tons of bars and clubs, a popular place for "Let's partay!"
(*4) A question Teo asked Montell on behalf of Montell fans in Japan
(*5) military bases = the U.S. military bases in Japan and South Korea
(*6) Okinawa = the southernmost part of Japan


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