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  December 17, 2001 (2:05 p.m.EST ~)  
  "I'm an Internet head." (Montell Jordan)  
  Teo: Now, I'd like to move on to the next topic. Let's talk about the Internet and the music industry.    
  Montell: OK.    
  Teo: What do you think of today's R&B music in general? Some people are saying negative things about R&B music, saying that it has become too commercial and all...    
  Montell: I like today's R&B music. I feel in general goes through cycles. Everybody knows that music goes through cycles, sometimes very political, sometimes real corny, sometimes real materialistic, you know. Music is very soulful right now. I think that Maxwell and Bilal, and a lot of these guys out here, Joe, R. Kelly...I think music is very soulful right now. Take Alicia Keys, and a soul sista...uh...Angie Stone. Yeah, I think music is very soulful right now, so I think that Hip Hop moved out of the shiny era into the griny era. I think much crystal can we drink, how many Rolexes can we wear at one time, you know, we are moving out of that for a moment and I think that if we make that move. I think R&B is very big right now.    
  Teo: So, R&B is going in the right direction...    
  Montell: No question. I believe so.    
  Teo: Actually I feel the same way.    
  Montell: I think that it's definitely going in the right direction.    
  Teo: I know that it's very difficult to make it in the music business. What advice would you give to young up-and-coming artists?    
  Montell: Have a hit song!    
  Teo: Yeah?    
  Montell: It makes that a whole lot easier. If you are a very talented artist, if you have a hit song and a lot of time. You know, a hit song is what seperates, you know, a lot of artists from, you know, just very talented artists. There are some very talented singers in the music industry with a record deal. They don't have hit songs.    
  Teo: Are you online? Do you surf the Internet?    
  Montell: Yes. Oh, yeah!    
  Teo: What do you think of the Internet?    
  Montell: I like the Internet. I use it all the time. I go to Yahoo! to play spades and games, and that's how I could spot your site over Yahoo! I'm an Internet head. I'd like to get information when I'm going to the movie theater, I click on a banner, what plane, where I buy my ticket,...all that stuff, man. I'm on a computer probably an hour and a half out of every day.    
  Teo: Everyday?    
  Montell: Yes, sir. That doesn't make me addicted, deos it?    
  Teo: Not really. I'm addicted. Sometimes I surf the Internet for 5 hours.    
  Montell: That's addiction, man. You need to get that checked out, Teo. (laughter)    
  Teo: Yeah, I know. Some people are even telling me to get a life! (laughter)    
  Montell: You're all right, man.    
  Teo: One more question. In your opinion, how can an artist like yourself benefit from the Internet? What do you expect of the Internet, as an artist?    
  Montell: You can reach millions of people through the Internet. It's a lot faster than video and songs played on the radio. It's almost like on the Internet you can reach out and touch somebody right then, you know. Even if you'd like to go buy a Montell's record, you have to get up and drive an hour or walk to the local record store, whereas on the Internet you just log on and click on it and you can have it. That's all.You never have to leave home. You know, they can see the video and they can put up the song in here. They can find out all my information, you know, all right there at your fingertips.    
  Teo: Yeah...    
  Montell: Modern technology. It's amazing!    
  Teo: Yes! Well, I've asked you so many questions. Maybe I can write a book about you.    
  Montell: Hey, that would be great.    
  Teo: Is there anything you'd like to say directly to your fans? Any messages?    
  Montell: To you, Teo, and my fans out there...I love them. I appreciate them. I really hope they listen to my album and feel like they know who I am MORE, after listening to this album.    
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